Here are links to my online publications:

  • The Sum of Thirteen Plus One (Voice, Fall 2017), a historical feature on the experiences of thirteen Carleton College alumni, plus one former instructor, who were relief workers in Turkey during the late Ottoman Empire
  • History is Written by the Victors (Armenian Weekly, 2017), an essay on why we do not know our complete history, and what questions we need to ask ourselves
  • To Speak or Not to Speak (, 2017), an examination of when it is appropriate to speak up and when silence is the better course of action
  • Learning From or Repeating History (Armenian Weekly, 2017), an overview of the terrible similarities of current events in the world, and events in 1914-1922 in the Ottoman Empire
  • Remembering Susan Wealthy Orvis (2015), co-authored with Kamo Mailyan, re-posted in the Aurora Prize’s 100Lives from the original posting in Armenian Weekly
  • The Audiocast Diaries: Reflections on Radio and Podcasting for Delivery of Educational Soap Operas, published in the International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (2006), and reprinted as a chapter in Changing Tunes of Radio (2008)