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The Consequence of Not Caring About Truth and Lies

Auschwitz entrance

A exhibition reminds us that a place like Auschwitz happens when people don’t care anymore about the distinction between the truth and lies.

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Toronto in Trouble II: Guns, Gangs and Poor Mental Health

Toronto skyline with gun and chain

Violence in Toronto is on the rise. The city needs a three-pronged approach to deal with its three interrelated problems of guns, gangs, and mental health issues.

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Toronto in Trouble I: Onward to the Past!

Toronto city skyline with councillors

When an electorate votes for radical change without knowing any details of a platform, they usually get results they hadn’t counted on. Onward to the past!

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I Am So Tired of Waiting, Aren’t You?

world cut in two

The pathetic words and actions of powerful men in the news reminded me of a 38-word poem by Langston Hughes. He expressed my thoughts so succinctly.

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Remove a Statue, Change History, Easy-Peasy

dotted outline of a statue of a man on a horse

The current trend is to remove statues of historical figures because they are “offensive”. Is history so easy to erase? Are people so easy to appease?

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Reconciliation Canadian-Style: In a Canoe!

handshake and Canadian voyageurs in a canoe

A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe, but apparently we can begin reconciliation in one, too. Unity through united effort!

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Truth and Reconciliation: How To Change a Prejudiced Mind

handshake with rainbow background

Reconciliation is only possible with understanding and some sort of empathy. And there’s one key ingredient to open that doorway.

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Real Truth and Reconciliation Takes Courageous Individuals—on Both Sides

reconciliation in Canada

This story gives me hope, and reminds me that people can change their attitudes and behaviours—if they have courage.

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Truth and Reconciliation: My Impressions of Apartheid South Africa

White-Black Handshake and flag of RSA

Living during apartheid was like time travelling back to the 1950’s segregated southern USA… but with an Afrikaans accent.

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Truth and Reconciliation: The Shining Example of Germany

Handshake with German flag

It is never easy to acknowledge horrible truths nor take action to make peace with those you’ve wronged. Germany did it.

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Truth and Reconciliation: Is It Possible with Turkey?

Handshake with Turkish flag

Is it possible for Turkey to have its own truth and reconciliation commission regarding the genocide of the early 20th century? Maybe yes.

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Canada’s Sesquicentennial: A Celebration of Survival and Hope

Canada Day 2017

Canada has survived 150 years. Let us celebrate the end of our growing pains, hope for maturity and take action toward reconciliation.

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Facts, Context, Truth and Reconciliation

vicious fighting with a knife and a gun

Is there a difference between a fact and the truth? How does context relate to them? Is reconciliation possible without truth? How good a witness are you?

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Turkey and the United States: A Delicately Balanced Political Dance

American flags of 1917 and 2017, and 4 leaders

Turkey and the USA have a long history of a delicately balanced political dance, but there’s one safe prediction for today.

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Patriotism, Nationalism and Isolationism Then and Now

isolationism graphics

There was, and still is, a “lamentable lack of understanding” of attitudes to one’s own country, sometimes at the expense of good relations with others.

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Meet the Newest Canadians: Kamo Mailyan and Mary Hovhannisyan

Newest Canadians Kamo and Mary

Yesterday I was honoured to be guest at the citizenship ceremony of my dear friends. They are officially the newest Canadians.

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