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Turkish Women Must Behave! Istanbul 1913 and 2017

paper doll with many outfits

It’s frightening how a few powerful, conservative men can force their own interpretation of the Quran on millions of Turkish women.

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The Gospel of Gentility

The Gospel of Gentility - 4 women missionaries of Talas, Turky

Do you think of missionaries of old as “somber-garbed, psalm-singing, nasal-voiced, narrow-minded proselytizers?” If so, you’d be as wrong as I was.

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Murders in Canadian Mosque 2017 and Ottoman Church 1915

Terrorism on mosque in Quebec, Canada

Are the anti-Christian sentiments and violence in 1915 being repeated in reverse in 2017? Do you think it’s impossible for genocide to happen in North America?

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Highly Educated American & Canadian Missionaries

university students in classroom 1919

ABCFM missionaries were very well educated, some with two or three university or college degrees. Check it out: 177 people, 68 institutions, 239 degrees.

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Single Ladies: What Becoming Foreign Missionaries Did For Them

Single Ladies as Missionaries in Talas, Turkey circa 1905

For many young, college-educated, single American and Canadian ladies circa 1900, the choice between remaining home or thrilling international work was no choice at all.

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Christmas in Aintab with Running Commentary

Christmas at Aintab with photo of Cornelius H. Patton

While he’s no Dylan Thomas, a visiting ABCFM secretary gives us a glimpse into a 1910 Christmas at a mission station. And I add my two cents, too.

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Boycott: 1914 Anti-Christian Ottoman vs. 2016 Anti-Muslim American

Charles Boycott superimposed on a photo of an eviction in Ireland circa 1880

What are the consequences of a boycott against products based on religion? Is it a positive protest or can it lead to something more sinister?

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