Grit and Grace Reviewed by Ashley Kalagian Blunt

"Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad" book review

I was privileged this past week to have had my book reviewed by the mult-hypenated Ashley Kalagian Blunt. She’s an Armenian-Canadian-Australian thinker-writer extraordinaire. OK, I’ve taken some liberty with the hyphenation. Ashley was born in Canada of Armenian descent and is now living in Australia. But when you read her review in The Newtown Review of Books, you can’t help but realize it takes an astute thinker and talented writer to distill 406-pages into a score of vivid, enticing paragraphs.

I won’t spoil your reading pleasure, but suffice it to say that I felt deeply gratified when I read, “Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad is a powerful testament to the humanity of those who risked their lives to help others amid the brutal conditions of war and genocide, and the lessons of their efforts.” That was my goal when I set out to write the book and, in Ashley’s opinion, I achieved it.

After writing the review, Ashley interviewed me via email and posted the Q&A on her blog under the title From Euphoria to Genocide. It’s been said the mark of a good interviewer is how well she frames a question. They were all excellent, and a few even surprised me—and then made me work hard to measure up with my responses!

Thank you, Ashley Kalagian Blunt.

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