Saluting all Brave Nurses

Australian nurse poster 1914

This week of May 6-12 is Nurses Week in Canada and the United States, and May 12 is International Nurses Day. It is fitting to salute the brave nurses who rallied to the call to help the refugees of 1915-1923 in the Ottoman Empire, and the ones who are facing similar situations today with the Syrian, Yazidi, and Rohingya refugees.

I wrote an article honouring one brave nurse. It’s entitled Remembering Lillian Cole Sewny on National Nurses Day, which was published in Armenian Weekly on Sunday. Lillian was part of the Talas team pre-1912 and post-1919. She was just one of many who helped save thousands of lives.

Full disclosure: My mother was a nurse, and my niece is a nurse, so I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for nurses. Thanks to you all!

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