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I Am So Tired of Waiting, Aren’t You?

world cut in two

The pathetic words and actions of powerful men in the news reminded me of a 38-word poem by Langston Hughes. He expressed my thoughts so succinctly.

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Silence Like a Cancer Grows

The Sound of Silence

Paul Simon’s powerful song “The Sound of Silence” is relevant to any time in history. But especially today, we need reminding that silence, like a cancer, grows into ugliness.

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When Times are Scary, Look for the Helpers

holding hands

Even when it’s not a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, we can still take solace from the wisdom of Mr. Rogers: There are so many helpers in the world.

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Murders in Canadian Mosque 2017 and Ottoman Church 1915

Terrorism on mosque in Quebec, Canada

Are the anti-Christian sentiments and violence in 1915 being repeated in reverse in 2017? Do you think it’s impossible for genocide to happen in North America?

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Donald Trump and Mehmed Talat: Separated at Birth?

Donald Trump and Mehmed Talat - Separated at Birth?

Though born a century apart, with many differences, the similarities between Trump and Talat are scary. So we have to ask: Could they have been separated at birth?

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Aleppo Falls: “Never Again,” We Say Again

Aleppo falls

The evacuation of innocent civilians is once again delayed. Bombs continue to fall and people continue to die. And we continue to say, Never Again.

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On the Ground: Siege of Aleppo like Bombardment of Marash

Trench Warfare in Turkey circa 1920 with Red Cross symbol

The diary of a Red Cross nurse gives us a glimpse into what the siege of a city must feel like. Aleppo falls today as Marash did in 1920.

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Aleppo’s Baron Hotel Helps Refugees in 1916 and 2016

Baron Hotel, Aleppo 2010

The owners of the Baron Hotel in Aleppo helped Armenian and Assyrian refugees in 1916. They are helping refugees in the war-torn city today.

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