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The pathetic words and actions of powerful men in the news reminded me of a 38-word poem by Langston Hughes. He expressed my thoughts so succinctly.

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Paul Simon’s powerful song “The Sound of Silence” is relevant to any time in history. But especially today, we need reminding that silence, like a cancer, grows into ugliness.

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Even when it’s not a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, we can still take solace from the wisdom of Mr. Rogers: There are so many helpers in the world.

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Are the anti-Christian sentiments and violence in 1915 being repeated in reverse in 2017? Do you think it’s impossible for genocide to happen in North America?

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Though born a century apart, with many differences, the similarities between Trump and Talat are scary. So we have to ask: Could they have been separated at birth?

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The evacuation of innocent civilians is once again delayed. Bombs continue to fall and people continue to die. And we continue to say, Never Again.

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The diary of a Red Cross nurse gives us a glimpse into what the siege of a city must feel like. Aleppo falls today as Marash did in 1920.

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The owners of the Baron Hotel in Aleppo helped Armenian and Assyrian refugees in 1916. They are helping refugees in the war-torn city today.

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