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The Consequence of Not Caring About Truth and Lies

Auschwitz entrance

A exhibition reminds us that a place like Auschwitz happens when people don’t care anymore about the distinction between the truth and lies.

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Remembering 100 Years Ago Today

World War I officially ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. Ten million soldiers died. Countless millions of civilians died. Lest we forget.

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Remove a Statue, Change History, Easy-Peasy

dotted outline of a statue of a man on a horse

The current trend is to remove statues of historical figures because they are “offensive”. Is history so easy to erase? Are people so easy to appease?

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Truth and Reconciliation: The Shining Example of Germany

Handshake with German flag

It is never easy to acknowledge horrible truths nor take action to make peace with those you’ve wronged. Germany did it.

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Being in a Siege: Marash 1920 and Mosul 2017

Mosul 2017

What is it like to be in a siege? We have an inkling of what civilians in Mosul today are experiencing, thanks to diaries and reports of relief workers almost 100 years ago.

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Facts, Context, Truth and Reconciliation

vicious fighting with a knife and a gun

Is there a difference between a fact and the truth? How does context relate to them? Is reconciliation possible without truth? How good a witness are you?

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Survival Lesson from Dutch East Indies, 1942: Taking Care of Yourself

Dutch East Indies family at dinner 1936

A simple but profound story of survival during World War II reminded me of the importance of taking care of yourself.

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The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is Active in France

wolf in sheep's clothing

Filmmaker Luc Besson warns the French they are being scammed by a woman who is changing her public image to get elected: “We are the scammed.”

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Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo Refuse to Deny Genocide in Argentina

Madres in 2006 by Roblespepe

April 30 marks the 40th anniversary of the march of the Mothers of the Disappeared. They refuse to allow denial in Argentina.

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Mr. Kardashian’s Bowling Green Massacre

Vahan Cardashian's Bowling Green Massacre

A fact used to be something known to exist or to have happened, right? Not so fast. In the 1920s there were also true facts, actual facts, alternative facts, and real whoppers.

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In the Movies of My Mind

In the movies of my mind

Writing is hard work. To liven it up, I run movies in the theatre of my mind. The people I’m writing about come alive in my head, except they look an awful lot like famous movie stars.

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Silence Like a Cancer Grows

The Sound of Silence

Paul Simon’s powerful song “The Sound of Silence” is relevant to any time in history. But especially today, we need reminding that silence, like a cancer, grows into ugliness.

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Donald Trump and Mehmed Talat: Separated at Birth?

Donald Trump and Mehmed Talat - Separated at Birth?

Though born a century apart, with many differences, the similarities between Trump and Talat are scary. So we have to ask: Could they have been separated at birth?

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Sending Thanks for the Kindness of Strangers and Friends

Happy New Year 1914 2017

The kindness of friends is wonderful. The kindness of strangers can be astounding. Together this support can transform lives in unexpected ways, both large and small.

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Silent Night: Christmas Eve 1914

Silent Night: Daily Mirror photo of German and British soldiers Christmas Eve 1914

In many parts of the Western Front of WWI, there were no guns, no killing, on Christmas Eve 1914. It was truly a silent night. A blessed night that renews my faith in humanity.

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Aleppo Falls: “Never Again,” We Say Again

Aleppo falls

The evacuation of innocent civilians is once again delayed. Bombs continue to fall and people continue to die. And we continue to say, Never Again.

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