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Turkish Women Must Behave! Istanbul 1913 and 2017

paper doll with many outfits

It’s frightening how a few powerful, conservative men can force their own interpretation of the Quran on millions of Turkish women.

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Kindergarten: Germany’s Gift to the World

kindergarten: children in a garden with a teacher

The idea of children as plants to be nurtured and teachers as gardeners turns out to be an old idea, but one that spread quickly and firmly around the world.

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Drain the Swamp: The Strange Case of US High Commissioner Mark Bristol

US High Commissioner Mark L. Bristol

This officious guy was a high ranking representative of the United States of America. Does he remind you of any other officious official today?

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Murders in Canadian Mosque 2017 and Ottoman Church 1915

Terrorism on mosque in Quebec, Canada

Are the anti-Christian sentiments and violence in 1915 being repeated in reverse in 2017? Do you think it’s impossible for genocide to happen in North America?

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Real or Fake News Against Greek Merchants?

Real or Fake News Against Greek Merchants?

In 1913-14 a series of pamphlets circulated in Constantinople detailing the treasonous actions of mainly Greek merchants. Could this be an example of fake news, Ottoman-style?

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Whirling Dervish Sheikh Saved Christians in Konia

Whirling Dervishes by Augustus Hoppin, 1874

The Whirling Dervishes were Sufi Muslims specific to the Konia region. In 1909 the well-respected sheikh of the order saved Armenians and Greeks from massacre.

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Boycott: 1914 Anti-Christian Ottoman vs. 2016 Anti-Muslim American

Charles Boycott superimposed on a photo of an eviction in Ireland circa 1880

What are the consequences of a boycott against products based on religion? Is it a positive protest or can it lead to something more sinister?

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Welcome to my “Grit and Grace” Blog

13 Near East Relief Workers at Talas, Turkey, circa 1920.

Why should we care about the destruction of an evil empire and the great humanitarian efforts of a hundred years ago? Read my blog regularly to find out.

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