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Being in a Siege: Marash 1920 and Mosul 2017

Mosul 2017

What is it like to be in a siege? We have an inkling of what civilians in Mosul today are experiencing, thanks to diaries and reports of relief workers almost 100 years ago.

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Kindergarten: Germany’s Gift to the World

kindergarten: children in a garden with a teacher

The idea of children as plants to be nurtured and teachers as gardeners turns out to be an old idea, but one that spread quickly and firmly around the world.

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May 19: Remembrance of Pontic Greeks

map of Turkey with Pontus region

May 19 is the day of remembrance for the Pontic Greeks of northern Turkey who were almost entirely wiped out during the Greco-Turkish War (1919-22).

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Turkey and the United States: A Delicately Balanced Political Dance

American flags of 1917 and 2017, and 4 leaders

Turkey and the USA have a long history of a delicately balanced political dance, but there’s one safe prediction for today.

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Patriotism, Nationalism and Isolationism Then and Now

isolationism graphics

There was, and still is, a “lamentable lack of understanding” of attitudes to one’s own country, sometimes at the expense of good relations with others.

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The Crazy Concept of Capitulations

Turkish men and capitulation flag showing the lira symbol

We think of capitulation as surrender, but in 16th-20th centuries it meant something different to the Sultans, and something crazy but wonderful for foreigners.

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Azerbaijani Writer Argued for Urgent Reforms in 6 Armenian Vilayets

map of Armenianand Arabian vilayets

Editor-writer Ahmed Aghayev made an eloquent argument for the instigation of reforms in the predominantly-Armenian Ottoman vilayets.

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Lady Whittall Bars the Door to Save a Turkish General

Lady Whittall Bars the Door

The Whittall’s home was known in Constantinople as a refuge for Armenians and Greeks, but the lady also saved a famous Turkish general during the Sultan’s counter-coup.

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Suppression of Truth Past and Present: Turkish Journalists Jailed and Killed

feather quill behind jail bars

Truth is often a casualty of those who seek to maintain power. It’s a growing trend to imprison or kill journalists and suspend media agencies.

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Two Quirky Tales of Corruption and Nepotism

corruption and nepotism

These brief tales show some consequences of corruption and nepotism: bad and dangerous advice to a leader, and damage to the education system and democratic reforms.

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How to Gain Total Political Power

Election fraud

Despite claims in most newspapers of “bad administration” and a “despotic attitude,” the Committee of Union & Progress turned joy into condemnation, and seized total power in 4 short years.

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WWI Labour Battalions: Black Canadians and Armenian Ottomans

Canadas Black Battalion WWI

Neither black Canadians nor Armenian Ottomans were trusted to bear arms in WWI. Could it have had something to do with their racial heritage?

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The End of the Famous Dogs of Constantinople

dog like the ones in Constantinople

Was the 1910 solution the government found for the infamous dog “problem” in the famous city a forerunner to the Armenian question in the Ottoman Empire?

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Mr. Kardashian’s Bowling Green Massacre

Vahan Cardashian's Bowling Green Massacre

A fact used to be something known to exist or to have happened, right? Not so fast. In the 1920s there were also true facts, actual facts, alternative facts, and real whoppers.

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Silence Like a Cancer Grows

The Sound of Silence

Paul Simon’s powerful song “The Sound of Silence” is relevant to any time in history. But especially today, we need reminding that silence, like a cancer, grows into ugliness.

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Murders in Canadian Mosque 2017 and Ottoman Church 1915

Terrorism on mosque in Quebec, Canada

Are the anti-Christian sentiments and violence in 1915 being repeated in reverse in 2017? Do you think it’s impossible for genocide to happen in North America?

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