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Book Review: My Name is Revenge by Ashley Kalagian Blunt

If you’re looking for a good read that’s quick and simple on the surface and leaves you contemplating deeper underlying issues, this book is for you.

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Grit and Grace Reviewed by Ashley Kalagian Blunt

"Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad" book review

My book has received a positive review in The Newtown Review of Books in Sydney, Australia by a discerning writer. She also interviewed me Q&A-style.

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What No One Tells You about the Book Industry

photo of bookstore

I thought I’d done my homework about what’s required of an author, but there was one missing piece that cost me peace of mind. Here’s what I wish I knew from the outset.

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Good News! “Grit and Grace” is Done!

Grit and Grace Cover

It took 8 months to write plus 2 months to prepare the ancillary materials, but finally I’ve completed “Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad”—without going mad myself.

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“Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad” Has Found a Home!

Talas group photo to be published in 2018

It’s been a long haul trying to convince a publisher that a story about a remarkable group of missionaries and relief workers was worth printing. At last!

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Facts, Context, Truth and Reconciliation

vicious fighting with a knife and a gun

Is there a difference between a fact and the truth? How does context relate to them? Is reconciliation possible without truth? How good a witness are you?

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Survival Lesson from Dutch East Indies, 1942: Taking Care of Yourself

Dutch East Indies family at dinner 1936

A simple but profound story of survival during World War II reminded me of the importance of taking care of yourself.

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Suppression of Truth Past and Present: Turkish Journalists Jailed and Killed

feather quill behind jail bars

Truth is often a casualty of those who seek to maintain power. It’s a growing trend to imprison or kill journalists and suspend media agencies.

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In the Movies of My Mind

In the movies of my mind

Writing is hard work. To liven it up, I run movies in the theatre of my mind. The people I’m writing about come alive in my head, except they look an awful lot like famous movie stars.

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Thanks for Your Support. Here’s Why It’s So Important

Thank you

The book I’m writing will NOT be published without help. Not financial help. No, I need as many “likes” as possible because that’s what publishers want.

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